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More Than A Pick-Me-Up (CSI/CSI:NY Crossover- Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr., challange #18)

Title: What Did I Just Say About Conclusions? Hmm?
Author: Liv
Pairing/Characters: Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr.
Fandom: CSI/CSI: NY Crossover
30_forbiddenPrompt: 18. Escape
Words: 379 (really short, I know)
Disclaimer: I don’t own CSI or CSI: NY. Don and Sofia will come back unscathed and only a tiny bit frightened. Greg was not harmed in the making of this fiction. XD
Summary: He’s might just become the rebound she’s looking for.

Don walked into Captain Gerrard’s office, knocking on the door frame before walking in. The Captain looked up as Don walked in, shuffling papers as a frown formed on his face.

“Hey, Flack. How can I help you?”

Don shrugged, leaning against the chair sitting in front of Gerrard’s desk. He was quiet for a moment, making the Captain think that he’d forgotten where he was.

“You think you could do something for me Captain?” asked Don seriously, avoiding the Captain’s gaze.

“Sure, Don. What do you need?”

Don went quiet again, his fingers tapping against the chair silently. This wasn’t going to go over well.


“Hey, Vegas,” Sofia looked up as Danny poked his head into the evidence lab. “Our guy from the park killed another couple.”

“You’re kidding,” said Sofia, pulling off a pair of goggles and snapping off her gloves. Danny shook his head. “In the park again?” Danny nodded. “Cat got your tongue?”

“What?” Sofia shook her head, grinning to herself and brushed passed him into the hallway.

“Well, common,” she called at Danny over her shoulder as she headed towards the elevator. Danny sighed and followed her, thinking about what they were going to do with Flack once they all got in the same place.

But there was no Flack when Sofia and Danny walked under the crime scene tape and headed for the bodies of a younger couple, probably no more than 30 years old (give or take).

Pretending not to notice, Danny squatted down next to the male victim, his eyes scanning the stab wounds on the victims chest.

“The vics are Lavender and Albert Brown, 32 and 35. The bodies were found at approximately one o’clock last night. And I am enjoying the view, Messer,” Messer turned his head in the direction of the voice.

“Who are you? Where’s Flack?” asked Sofia, looking up at Kalie Maka as she walked up to Danny and Sofia. Kalie looked at her funny.

“Kalie Maka. Just call me Maka. You’re the Vegas girl right?”

“Detective Sofia Curtis. Where’s Flack?”

“He pulled himself off the case. He didn’t tell you guys that?”

“No,” said Sofia glancing over at Danny, who wore the same surprised expression as Sofia did. “He didn’t tell us a thing.”


Tags: com | 30_forbiden, crossover, csi/csi:ny, don flack/sofia curtis, more than a pick-me-up
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