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More Than A Pick-Me-Up (CSI/CSI:NY Crossover- Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr., challange #17)

Title: My Life Sucks, And Your Life Sucks, And I Bet 10 Bucks His Sucks More
Author: Liv
Pairing/Characters: Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr.
Fandom: CSI/CSI: NY Crossover
30_forbiddenPrompt: 17. Fear
Words: 971
Disclaimer: I don’t own CSI or CSI: NY. Don and Sofia will come back unscathed and only a tiny bit frightened. Greg was not harmed in the making of this fiction. XD
Summary: He might just become the rebound she’s looking for.

There was nothing they could do about their case. Danny and Sofia hadn’t had any bodies in a week, and they had no leads. It was pure torture waiting for something to happen. The two had both taken to working other cases, and Sofia got to work with Sheldon, which she enjoyed immensely, telling him about Vegas while they worked.

Don and Sofia avoided each other. They didn’t speak to each other, and they didn’t make eye contact whenever the other was in the room. On occasion (whenever they were alone) they would just stare at each other, willing the other to make the first move.

But neither of them did, and that’s why Sofia was watching Mac work now, in his office, because she had nothing to do except paperwork and she really didn’t want to do paperwork.

He had his hand to his temple and a pen tapping against an open file on his desk. She sighed and opened the office door.

"I thought I’d save you from all this for a moment," said Sofia, sliding down a cup of coffee in front of Mac. He looked at it longingly and thanked her. Sofia sat down in front of him, sitting back in her chair and giving Mac a perpetual look.

"When did your wife die?" she asked quietly. Mac looked up at her slowly, the coffee hovering around his lips. Sofia looked back at him, unfazed by the older man’s stare. Mac seemed to give up and lowered his mug onto the desk, still staring at her.

"How do you know I was married?" he asked her. Sofia nodded towards his hand.

"Tan line on your ring finger," Mac glanced at his hand and picked up his coffee cup to take a drink.

"How do you know we didn’t get divorced?"

"You don’t complain about her; talk about her; mention her."

"You seem to know a lot about it," Sofia nodded.

"My psychiatrist wanted me to talk to someone besides him about it, in addition to moving away from Vegas," Mac nodded.

"Your psychiatrist?" Sofia nodded again. "He’s the one who informed me of the anti-depressants."

"I’m being weaned off them," said Sofia. Mac nodded, setting down his coffee cup. Sofia tilted her head to the side. "How did she die?" she asked again.

"She was in 9-11. Her name’s Claire."

"Pretty," said Sofia, shifting in her seat.

"Who did you lose?" asked Mac, straightening up in preparation for his interrogation.

"My husband," said Sofia. "I’m positive you knew him."

"Maybe I do. What’s his name?"

"Greg Sanders," said Sofia, watching as the blood drained from Mac’s face, staring at her.

"Greg’s dead?" he whispered. Sofia nodded, tears brimming along her eyes.

"He, um…he was killed about five months ago," said Sofia, leaning forward a bit and letting her elbow rest against the armrest, lowing her forehead into her palm. "We were processing a scene and the suspect was still there. The arriving officer didn’t do a complete sweep of the apartment. It was out first case together in a year, and I watched him bleed to death," Mac stood up from his desk and walked around it until he was standing in front of Sofia. He knelt down in front of her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Sofia had tears beeding down her cheeks. "It was a B&E!" she sobbed, leaning down further and covering her face in her hands.

Mac pulled Sofia into his chest, letting her cry into his shirt. He looked over her shoulder and saw Danny and Don staring at them.

"Does Don know," said Mac, still looking at them. Sofia shook her head.

"Danny does." said Sofia, her voice muffled by Mac’s shirt, he just nodded and she continued. "He wanted an explanation after I kissed him," Mac pulled away slightly, he would have been surprised if Stella hadn’t ratted them out, but Stella hadn’t told him Sofia kissed Danny.

"I don’t want to know, do I?" Sofia laughed and pulled away from Mac completely, wiping her eyes with the heel of her hand.

"I’m sorry Mac," said Sofia. "I’m so sorry about this. I didn’t mean to drag you into my mess. It just…it’s hard to deal with sometimes, I’m sorry-"

"Don’t be sorry," said Mac, shaking his head. He looked up as someone knocked on his door and Danny waved at him to come out to meet him. Mac nodded and stood up, giving Sofia’s shoulder a comforting squeeze before he walked outside.

"What’s up, Danny?" muttered Mac, walking over to Danny.

"We have a problem," Danny muttered. Mac shifted his weight, crossing his arms over his chest, curious.

"What kind of problem?"

"Our suspect just bought himself a ticket to Vegas. His flight left an hour ago."

"Nobody stopped him?"

"Fake everything. I.D., make up, fancy clothes, the whole shebang," Mac shook his head, closing his eyes tightly.

"Looks like you’re going to Vegas," he said, almost pained. Danny sighed.

"They’re not going to like that," Mac and Danny looked over at Sofia, who’d been eavesdropping on their conversation. "Vegas doesn’t like to share. They’re no good at it."

"They’re going to have to live with us then," said Mac pointedly. "It’s not like we’ll take over their lab. Sofia, Danny you get to take a trip. This is your case," Sofia nodded and stood up, walking out of Mac’s office with Danny walking next to her, Don joining them once they caught up with them. "Flack," Don, Sofia and Danny all stopped and turned to look back at Mac. "You’re going too."

"Oh, fantastic," muttered Don to himself, looking at Sofia. Danny continued walking, leaving Sofia and Don staring at each other, and both thinking the same thing.

This is going to be hell.
Tags: crossover, csi/csi:ny, don flack/sofia curtis, more than a pick-me-up
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