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More Than A Pick-Me-Up (CSI/CSI:NY Crossover- Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr., challange #28)

Title: Boredom In A Tin Can, 30,000 ft. Above The Ground
Author: Liv
Pairing/Characters: Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr.
Fandom: CSI/CSI: NY Crossover
30_forbiddenPrompt: 28. Want
Words: 1272
Disclaimer: I don’t own CSI or CSI: NY. Don and Sofia will come back unscathed and only a tiny bit frightened. Greg was not harmed in the making of this fiction. XD
Summary: He might just become the rebound she’s looking for.
Authors Note: I had to do the thing with Danny at the end. It just called to me, begged me to write it.</i>

"I hate you, Messer," Don muttered into Danny’s ear as he slid into the seat next to Sofia on the plane. He wasn’t a fan of flying, it made him nervous. Sofia made him nervous. He was very nervous. Danny just smirked at him and snapped the overhead compartment shut.

"It’s for your own good," Danny muttered back, looking around Don to see Sofia roll her eyes at their bickering and shifting to lean her head against the window. Don followed his gaze, reaching out to touch Sofia’s knee.

"You okay?" he asked her once she looked at him, a bit startled. Sofia just nodded, giving him a soft smile and resting back against the window. The captain’s voice came onto the plane, directing everyone’s attention towards the flight attendants for instructions in case of emergencies.

Danny looked over at Don as he shifted nervously and chuckled at him. He saw Sofia smirk at Don’s movements and she slid her hand onto his knee, stilling his movements. Danny marveled at what Sofia did to Don, how just her touch could calm him down. After a moment Sofia fell into a light sleep, her head resting against the window pane; Danny pulled out a book from his carry on bag and Don just stared into space.

"Hey, Danny?" the other man looked sideways over at Don who was still lost in thought.

"What?" asked Danny after Don hadn’t continued.

"I think I’m in love with her," Danny let his book close slowly as he stared at Don in disbelief.

"Please be kidding me," pleaded Danny monotonously, Don shook his head.

"It’s just a thought."

"Then get rid of that thought," said Danny seriously. "Because she will not be happy if she finds that out."

"Why?" asked Don, looking over at Danny with a bewildered expression on his face. Danny grimaced and tried to think of something that wouldn’t give Sofia away. He really truly couldn’t think of anything, and he’d promised Sofia he wouldn’t tell Don.

"Forget it," said Danny with a shrug, opening his book back up and swallowing hard. "Please forget it."

"You started it," said Don, narrowing his eyes.

"And you can drop it."

"What the hell, Messer?" asked Don, his voice rising a touch. "You tell me something like that and then expect me to just pretend you never did?"

"Yeah," said Danny, turning the page of his book he hadn’t read, he couldn’t read, he was dead, Don was going to kill him and then when Sofia found out she would find a way to painfully wake him up and kill him again. Then the two would dispose of his body and after that Sofia would kill Don for saying what he said. Either way, Sofia won.

"Danny, I care about her. Maybe that’s what I’m feeling but, damn it Messer, you know something," Danny winced as he stared at the same word for what felt like eternity. Don glared at him. "What do you know?"

"I can’t-"

Both men froze as Sofia shifted in her sleep, her head falling onto Don’s shoulder gently. Don’s eyes softened a bit when he looked down at her. Danny sighed and patted Don on the chest.

"She just doesn’t want you getting hurt," he said, which in all honesty was true. Sofia didn’t want him to get hurt and she didn’t want to get hurt either, but there wasn’t a reason to tell Don that, not now.

Don sighed and leaned his head back against the seat. "I can live with that," he said. "For now."


Sofia was woken by someone shaking her shoulder gently. She blinked heavily and looked up into Don’s face who looked just as tired as she did.

"Hey," he said quietly, kissing her lightly on the forehead (which Sofia thought might have been on instinct since he looked dead on his feet).

"Hey," Sofia whispered back, pulling her head off his shoulder and moving her neck around. Danny was muttering in Italian having just been rudely awakened by someone’s bag coming in contact with the side of his head.

"What time is it?" muttered Danny gruffly, obviously too out of it to check his own watch.

"Not too late," said Sofia with a slight bounce in her voice, having fully woken up in the span of thirty seconds. Danny glared at her.

"Damn it, you’re a morning person," Sofia shrugged, unbuckling her seat belt and stretching. "We are not going to get along well."

"I have no doubt, Danny," said Sofia with a smirk, pulling out her phone and dialing a number.

"Who are you calling?" asked Don. Sofia sighed to herself and leaned against the seat in front of her.

"Friends of mine," she said simply, pausing for a moment. "Catherine! It’s Sofia."

"It’s going to be a long night," muttered Danny, Don nodded in agreement and stood up to grab his stuff.

"A very long night."


The trio caught a cab to their hotel with Danny drifting against the side window. Sofia was talking on her phone to some woman named Catherine and Don was eavesdropping, even though he had no idea what they were talking about.

"Flack?" You okay?" Don looked up at Sofia as she closed her phone finally. He nodded, giving her a grin and sighing with exhaustion.

"I hate flying," he muttered under his breath, dropping his head back against the seat. Sofia chuckled at him and shook her head, whacking Danny in the gut as the cabby pulled up to their hotel.

"Get up, Danny," said Sofia, ignoring the glare Danny shot at her, grumbling under his breath as he made his way out of the car.

"Where do we get to sleep?" muttered Danny, letting his head fall against the door of the elevator after they checked into their rooms. Sofia shook her head, grinning to herself at the prospect of waking him up in an hour for the night shift.

Don hit Danny over the head as the shorter man started nodding off, earning him a whack as well.

"Stop fooling around," said Sofia, walking out of the elevator as the doors opened. Don and Danny looked at each other.

"Yes, mom," muttered Danny, following her out of the elevator and held back on an action that would surely cost him his life. Eh, what the hell? He smacked her ass anyways.

"DANIEL MESSER!" Sofia shouted at him, and actually punched him in the mouth.

"It was worth it, Sofia," said Danny, despite how much his jaw hurt he was grinning at her. Sofia hit him in the shoulder and walked down the hall until she got to her room with Don close on her heels.

"You want me to kick his ass?" asked Don playfully, leaning against the door frame. "He’s really only like this when he’s tiered.

"I would have picture him as more of a grumpy kind of guy," replied Sofia, glaring at Danny as he leaned against the door across from hers.

"I’m sorry, if that’s any constellation."

"You have three days to make it up to me," hissed Sofia, turning to Don and giving him an intense look. With a
soft smile she stood on her toes and kissed him.

"Can I go to bed now?" asked Danny dead panned.

"You have to wake up in about an hour and a half, that’s when, graves start," Danny groaned and slammed his door shut, leaving Don and Sofia standing in her doorway.

"I should go," said Don, backing away from Sofia who just nodded in response.

It was going to be a long night.

Tags: com | 30_forbiden, crossover, csi/csi:ny, don flack/sofia curtis
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