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More Than A Pick-Me-Up (CSI/CSI:NY Crossover- Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr., challange #15)

Title: Visiting For Eternity
Author: Liv darkmagic_luvr
Pairing/Characters: Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr.
Fandom: CSI/CSI:NY Crossover
30_forbiddenPrompt: 15. Unknown
Words: 2253
Disclaimer: I don’t own CSI or CSI:NY. Don and Sofia will come back unscathed and only a tiny bit frightened. Greg was not harmed in the making of this fiction. XD
Summary: He might just become the rebound she’s looking for.



Sofia walked into the New York crime lab with her head held high and a grim expression on her face. She walked up tot the receptionist and asked her for the direction of Detective Taylor’s office.

"Down the hall," she said, and pointed down the hall with her pen.

"Thank you," said Sofia, her English accent becoming more prominent. What could she say? She was nervous. Her accent was really only present when she was nervous.

She stopped outside Detective Taylor’s office, noting how he had his head bent over a series of files, covering his desk, and was reminded briefly of Grissom’s desk back home. 

Las Vegas was not her home anymore. New York was.

She tapped her knuckles on the glass door, watching the detective jump at the sound. He looked up and spotted her, a confused expression on his face as she opened the door.

"Detective Mac Taylor?" she asked, her knee twitching a bit as she took a step in, her left leg threatening to give under her.

"Yes," he said. Sofia nodded and walked completely into the room and held out her hand.

"I’m Detective Sofia Curtis, transfer from Las Vegas. You spoke to my boss, Jim Brass."

"Oh," said Mac, reaching out and taking her hand, grasping it firmly and letting go, as if the contact was merely to see how she would react to not being expected to show up. "Mac Taylor, have a seat."

"Thank you, Mac," she said and sat down across from him, glancing at the files on his desk and reading the beginnings of a coroner’s report.

"You’re younger than Jim described you as," said Mac, looking her face over, Sofia quirked an eyebrow. "Not that he said anything disrespectful."

"I know Brass, he just says things sometimes."

Mac nodded and gathered his folders into a pile and set them aside, leaving a space cleared in front of him. Sofia’s eyes flitted around the room, noting every detail before she looked the detective over more carefully. She would have guess early to mid forties; stern but not like Grissom; neat, and obviously a CSI.

"Are you planning on casing the joint?" asked Mac taking Sofia by surprise. She frowned, half a smile playing on her face as she tried to comprehend what he had said. Mac noted her confusion. "You’re examining by office."

"I used to be a CSI."

"Used to be?" asked Mac, spinning around in his chair and opening a file cabinet. He pulled out what she could only assume were her transcripts and lay them on his desk.

"Yeah, I wasn’t getting anywhere in that field."

"So you’re impatient?" accused Mac jestingly, looking at her under his eyebrows. Sofia frowned again.

"No, I was demoted because my boss didn’t like the way I dug up dirt on his rival’s team and came up with nothing."

"And you became a detective?"

"My mother made Captain in Jersey."

"Explains the five page letter of recommendation I received on my desk," said Mac holding up a stapled letter featuring her mothers hand writing.

"I’m sorry about that; she really didn’t like me in Vegas."

"It’s not a problem. I have a few letters from your coworkers in Las Vegas."

"I’m betting Greg Sanders is in there than," said Sofia, cringing at her own words.

"He was an intern in the lab for a couple years, so I took his letter seriously. He said a lot of promising things about you, but I expected him here as well," Sofia straightened a little at that.

"He’s not coming," said Sofia quietly. 

"Do you mind, working as a CSI as well?" asked Mac, Sofia shrugged her shoulder thoughtfully.

"Yeah, I guess I could be a CSI again. Do I still get to be a detective?"

Mac nodded. "I required all of my CSI's to have some sort of police training."

"Then I would love to be a CSI," Mac looked at her for a moment and then back at her folder.

"Well," he started, looking up at her. "Welcome to New York Detective," Sofia grinned.

"Thank you, Mac."

"Would you like a tour?" he asked standing up and closing her folder. Sofia stood up as well.

"I think I would," she said, he walked around the desk and held open the door for her, she gave him a smile and walked passed him.

"This is the DNA lab," said Mac, pointing towards the lab they were currently passing by. "And the Trace lab is in the opposite direction."

"This looks pretty familiar to the labs in Vegas," said Sofia. "I know the equipment, so I don’t think I’ll get lost," Mac nodded and opened the door to what Sofia obviously assumed was the break room. There were five people sitting around doing what looked like-nothing.

"Defiantly like Vegas," muttered Soifa, grinning to herself and following Mac into the room.

"What are you all doing?" he asked, stopping near a man wearing glasses, with his feet crossed on one of the glass tables in the room. The man looked up at him, as did everyone else, startled by his sudden appearance.

"Um," said the man, Sofia recognized the Staten Island accent as one her father had and continued lurking in the corner.

"Everyone," began Mac, turning his head to look at Sofia and bidding her to come forward. "This is Detective Sofia Curtis. She’s a transfer from Las Vegas."

"Vegas, huh," said a black man with glasses as well sitting next to Daniel Messer. Sofia nodded.

"I thought what happened in Vegas stayed there," Sofia glanced at the only other man in the room, leaning against a wall, talking to a woman with very curly hair.

"Not if I can help it," said Sofia, her accent coming off a little strong.

"British?" asked the woman with curly hair. Sofia shrugged.

"Not exactly," she said.

"That’s Stella Bonasera," said Mac, indicating the woman with curly hair. Sofia gave her a grin to which she returned. Mac pointed at the petite woman standing near the fridge. "That’s Lindsay Monroe-."

"Hi," said Lindsay, grinning. Mac pointed at the Staten Island man.

"This is Daniel Messer."

"Call me Danny," he said and gave her a wave.

"This is Doctor Sheldon Hawkes," Sheldon held out his hand for her to shake and she did so.

"It’s nice to meet you," he said. "You can call me Hawkes if you want."

"And this is Detective Don Flack, Jr.," Sofia nodded at him; Don just sort of looked her up and down. Mac pointed at Lindsay and Stella. "Sid’s ready to give us a COD and I found a match in CODIS. Lindsay you’re on the vic, Stella we’re finding the next of kin."

The team disbanded, everyone but Danny and Don heading in their own directions. Danny gave her a once over and whistled.

"You are way to pretty to be a cop."

"It was either that or doing what my mom wanted me to do."

"What’s that?"

"Become a cop," Danny chuckled.

"Flack," everyone turned around to see somewhat of a nervous man entered the break room holding a piece of paper. "The evidence off the melted plastic you found at the scene-."

"I was there too," muttered Danny to himself, which only seemed to make the tech more nervous.

"Ah, yeah. The substance you found off of the plastic is lysergic acid diethylamide-."

"English," said Don.

"It’s LSD," said Sofia, taking the three men by surprise. "I thought it was a western kind of thing. You know: Hippies; Arizona; Vegas."

"You’re a detective?" asked Danny.

"I was a CSI for about seven years," the tech looked at her.

"You’re my hero," Sofia laughed.

"Sofia Curtis."

"Adam Ross."

Danny rolled his eyes and turned to fully look at Sofia.

"So what brings you to New York?" Sofia bristled slightly.

"Please don’t ask me that," she said quietly. Danny frowned, sobering up from his pervious, cocky demeanor.

"Sure," he said. Adam just looked even more awkward than before and cleared his throat.

"Well," he began, stepping out of the lab. "If anyone needs me I’ll be running samples and listening to Black Flag."

"You listen to that stuff?" asked Sofia spinning around.

"Ah yeah. Do you?"

"My husband did," said Sofia before she could stop herself. Danny and Don raised their eyebrows.

"That’s cool," said Adam, backing out of the room. Sofia waved goodbye to him and was left with Danny and Don.

"So you’re married."

"Not exactly," said Sofia, cursing herself for saying something.

"Then you’re available?" asked Don, speaking for the first time. Sofia blinked, to her he sounded a bit smug.

"I’m not merchandise, but I’m single," Danny skillfully turned a chuckle into a cough.

There was a tap on the glass on the outside of the break room and Mac pocked his head in.

"Sofia, you ready to get out into the field?"

"You got a case?"

"You, Danny and Flack are going down to Central Park. There’s a murdered senior couple down there. Are you up for it?"

"I’m ready. Think you two can keep up?" she asked playfully, walking out of the break room, leaving Danny, Mac and Don staring after her.

"I would defiantly -."

"Don’t say it Danny," said Mac and left the room. Don chuckled and followed, exiting the room as well, leaving Danny shaking his head.

"I so wasn’t going to sat that," he muttered to himself and left the break room, jogging to catch up with Don and Sofia.


The trio arrived at the scene in less than ten minutes, walking past reporters and spectators. Reporters called Danny and Don’s names, a few of them asked who the blonde with them was. Neither of them said anything, and Sofia just headed strait for tree closet to the bodies.

She knelt down next to the base of the tree and pulled her camera closer to her eyes, snapping photo’s of disturbed undergrowth.

"Snapped twigs, suggest that the killer waited for his victims," mumbled Sofia, she turned on the balls of her feet and looked at the positions of the victims. "They didn’t struggle."

"What was that?" asked Danny looking at her from where he was taking pictures of the body.

"I’m not talking to you," said Sofia. Danny looked up at her with a raised eyebrow.

"’Scuse me?" he replied almost defensively.

"I’m talking to myself," said Sofia and slowly straitened up, her gaze returning to the tree she was at. "It helps me process things."

"Whatever," mumbled Danny, Sofia pulled out a pair of tweezers and plucked a few pieces of hair out of a crevice in the tree.

"He was here for a while," mumbled Sofia, pulling out an evidence bag and slipping the hairs into it. "I found a few hairs stuck in the tree."

"Are you talking to me now?" asked Danny. Sofia nodded, knowing he was watching her. She felt him walk up behind her and peer over her shoulder. "What do you got?"

Sofia held up the bag. "I think he was waiting for them."

"Them in particular?" asked Danny turning his head to look ay the couple on the ground to whom names were Roberta and Robert Thorn, ages 58 and 61. "Or did they see something they shouldn’t have?"

Sofia shrugged and turned back to the tree. Danny watched her for a moment before heading back to the bodies. Don looked up at him as he headed over.

"What’s up?" he asked, flipping his memo book shut and tucking it away.

"She’s odd," said Danny pointing behind him at Sofia who was still processing the tree. Danny and Don both watched her bed over, tilting their heads so they could get a better look of her ass. "Although, she is hot."

"The weird ones always are," said Don, Danny looked at him.

"You wouldn’t hit that?" he asked. Don looked at him with an I-cannot-believe-you-just-said-that expression.

"Alright," said Don after he and Danny had a very intense staring competition. "Yeah, I’m interested I guess."

"You guess," mocked Danny, shaking his head and walking away.

"What?" asked Don, calling after him and holding up is hands in question.

"Hey ah, Don, right?" Don turned, surprised by the fact that Sofia had walked up behind him.

"Ah, Flack is fine."

"Alright, well Flack that man right there, has been staring at the scene and fidgeting for nearly five minutes," Don looked over at the man indicated and shrugged.


"Never mind, I’ll do it," Sofia muttered and brushed past him. "Excuse me," she called, heading towards the man. He froze, seeing Sofia’s gun and badge, before spinning around and sprinting away from the scene. Don, who happened to be watching their interaction, took off after him, Sofia running to catch up as well.

"Hey!" shouted Don, the man ignored him and ran into a crowd of people heading towards him. Don and Sofia came to a stop as the man disappeared into the crowd.

"Where did he go?" asked Don, breathing heavily and looking around. Sofia shook her head and tried to catch her breath. Don looked at her for a few seconds and patted her shoulder. "We’ll get him," he let his hands linger on her shoulder a little longer before letting it fall. Sofia looked at him, her face slightly flushed, making Don’s breath hitch up in his throat.

"I hope so," she said.

The two looked once more back into the crown and headed back to their crime scene.


Tags: com | 30_forbiden, crossover, csi/csi:ny, don flack/sofia curtis, more than a pick-me-up
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