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Title: Paper Claims
Liv darkmagic_luvr
Fandom: Lost Girl
Characters: Kenzi, Dyson, Trick, OMC
Rating: T for lots of language
Warnings: general spoilers.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Lost Girl, the characters or even the premise of the plot. It’s overdone. Whatevs
Author’s Note: This was fun to write, but I wont be continuing it anytime soon.

Kenzi was sitting at the bar, minding her own perfectly fine business with a complementary bottle of something labeled in a pretty fae language that tasted sweet and made her toes feel all tingly. It was also blue, which matched the streaks in her hair and partly one of the reasons she’d swiped it. Kenzi swirled blue around in her tumbler and swung her feet childishly between the bars in her stool. Trick was ignoring her, partially at least. He had customers to tend to or drinks to make or whatever. It was all boring and Kenzi was all bored.

She heard the familiar creak of the bar door opening and falling shut again but didn’t bother looking to see what kind of new and exciting fae walked in. Instead she tipped her drink down her throat and wiggled in her seat as a bubbly sensation shot straight to her feet. She was just coming down from the effects of her drink when a forearm draped across the back of her chair and an almost average looking man with spotty facial hair and light brown eyes invaded her line of sight. Kenzi blinked at him, her vision swaying just before she locked onto him. He leaned into her personal space and sniffed her. Just a few months ago, Kenzi would have spazzed out that someone in a bar was sniffing her, but she’d been in the fae world and this bar for a little longer than most humans would have been allowed and had grown somewhat accustomed to the eccentricities of the fae.

Usually they’d smell Bo’s succubus joojoo on her and leave her in peace, or Trick would swat the backs of hands and they’d slink away with their metaphorical (and sometimes literal) tails between their legs. But this guy was staring at her with black eyes and flushed skin and Kenzi had a feeling a little reprimand wasn’t gonna cut it this time. He showed his teeth at her and suddenly all the alcohol in her system felt like a weight.

“Human.” He said, as if this was the proper way to great someone unfae. Kenzi raised an eyebrow instead of rolling her eyes, but the same effect was there. Her heart thrummed in her chest a bit too quickly and for a moment she realized he might be able to hear it.

“Creep,” she snapped turning away. She reached across the bar for her bottle of blue, but Creepy Fae Dude knocked it out of her way before her fingers even brushed the glass. Kenzi felt her mouth drop open as the bottle fell from the bar and crashed to the floor on the other side. The bar went a little quiet, and Trick’s attention on the other side of the room zeroed in on them. Her arm was still, fingers hovering in the air poised to grab.

“Mattox!” Trick’s voice was clear like a bell and it broke the spell over Kenzi (who’d been thinking about her poor, poor blue alcohol and how she would never know if the tingly sensations could be permanent if one finished the bottle). ‘Mattox’ didn’t even flinch; he just kept his eyes on Kenzi.

Unluckily for him, time caught up with her. Kenzi slammed her palm against the bar top and whipped her head around, eyes narrowed and very nearly seething. There may have been steam.

“What the fuck did you do that for?!” this time Mattox blinked, pulling away from her ever so slightly in almost shock, like he wasn’t used to being talked to by a mere human in any way let alone her way. Kenzi’s teeth ground together as she waited for an answer, because really, she expected one.

“Mattox.” Kenzi blinked and turned her head, finding Trick behind the bar across from her, looking very blankly at Mattox. The fae seemed surprised by his sudden presence too, but in a moment he was back in Kenzi’s personal space and looking dangerously at Trick.

“You’re letting human’s sit at your bar?” he asked. “I wasn’t aware we were allowed to bring snacks into the Dal.”

Who are you calling a snack-?

“Kenzi, please,” interrupted Trick, holding up a hand to stop her from making the situation worse by being herself. Kenzi’s eyes narrowed but she kept her mouth shut. Trick turned back to Mattox. “She’s been claimed and she is welcome here.”

“Oh, well then in that case,” started Mattox, pulling his arm off the back of Kenzi’s chair and folding it across the bar. He leaned closer to Trick and lowered his voice, his words so dry they were bone. “I suppose you don’t mind telling me who owns her? Light or the Dark?”

Kenzi swallowed, suppressing a groan. Trick shifted uncomfortably. “Neither.”

“Ah,” said Mattox, nodding thoughtfully, even if Kenzi could totally see that he knew exactly who Trick was talking about and - she was totally screwed wasn’t she? Mattox grinned slowly and that answered her question. She was a dead Kenzi. “The succubus’ pet? Funny, she doesn’t look like a Thrall.”

Trick looked away and Kenzi felt her stomach churning. There were rules in the fae world, rules she vaguely knew about but wasn’t exactly privy too. Bo had claimed her the first time she’d come to the Dal, but she hadn’t exactly claimed her had she? Trick must have been having a similar thought, because he caught her eye and shook his head slightly.

“No,” said Trick with a deep sigh. “She’s not a Thrall.”

“Then she is free for someone else to grab?” asked Mattox, even if he knew the answer. Kenzi felt her upper lip twitch and her fingers were itching to punch something fae. She didn’t even hear the bar door open behind her until Trick’s eyes focused on someone and his face relaxed.

“Dyson.” And Kenzi heard relief in his voice. Her head snapped around, eyes picking out Dyson in an instant. She felt Mattox tense next to her and knew without a doubt that Dyson would fix it and everything would be okay.

“Everything alright, Trick?” he asked, his eyes flickering to Mattox and then to Kenzi. “Kenz?”

“We have a problem,” mumbled Trick, gesturing to Mattox. “Kenzi hasn’t been properly claimed and Mattox is challenging Bo‘s ownership.”

“So where’s Bo?” asked Dyson, leaning against the bar so very nonchalantly that Kenzi wanted to throttle the casualness out of him.

“Kansas or the Netherlands – whatever I can’t remember,” said Kenzi, rolling her eyes. “She went on that spirit quest thing.”

“Arizona,” said Dyson with an understanding nod and Kenzi snapped her fingers, reliving the entire ‘It’s too god damn hot there, Bo, I’ll fricken’ melt’ argument they’d had two days before. She almost regretted staying behind now, except not really.

Dyson, still leaning into the bar, looked up at Mattox, eyes dark and hard. “That doesn’t mean she’s not coming back.”

“But she’s not. Here. Now,” said Mattox slowly, not backing down from Dyson’s gaze, which Kenzi found impressive. It was also a testament to how serious the situation was. Without Bo there, no one could actually protect her-

“Then I’ll claim her. Officially,” said Dyson, and Kenzi’s thoughts came to a screeching halt. The triumphant sort of glint in Mattox’s eyes was extinguished and he pulled back slightly. Obvious threat was obvious.

“Dyson…” started Trick warningly, but Dyson didn’t seem to notice. Kenzi waited for the other shoe to drop.

Mattox seemed to read her mind. He straightened back up, but the fire he’d had before was gone, now his voice was cold and monotone. “Then by all means claim her.”

“Can the human say something now?” asked Kenzi, putting as much offense as she could muster into her words. Which was plenty. Mattox rolled his eyes, but Dyson focused his calm stare onto her and for a moment Kenzi thought she might actually get to defend herself.



“This doesn’t concern you.” said Mattox, the challenge in his voice was still there, directed at Dyson.

“For shit it does!” argued Kenzi. “And I am so not drunk enough for it!”

Dyson leaned into her, lowering his head to speak softly against her ear. “Kenzi, Mattox is a soul eating fae. He takes the souls of humans and fae and leaves them alive.”

“What, like dementors in Harry Potter?!” whispered Kenzi hysterically, eyes widening comically. “That’s fucked up, man.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s the only way.”

Kenzi made a face, pouting, and glanced at the seriously dark expression on Mattox’s face.

“This is gonna suuuuck.” Dyson’s mouth tightened fractionally in agreement. Kenzi was just about to sigh and make some more noise about life sucking but before she could Dyson’s eyes flashed yellow and a low growl vibrated through his chest moments before he aimed for Kenzi’s jugular. She had a split second to frown in confusion when the feeling of teeth tearing skin and warmth leaking into her shirt had her head spinning.

That…that jerk was fricken’ biting her! He had his nasty wolf-y teeth in her neck! White hot sensations that may have been pleasure shot through her core, causing her to arch up and into Dyson’s mouth. She felt his hand settle on the inside of her thigh, his other hand coming around the back of her neck to hold her steady.

And then, it was over. Dyson had moved away from her like lightning, palming a napkin from the bar and wiping her blood off his jaw. Kenzi blinked, her vision fuzzy until time caught up with her.

“Shit, man!” she shrieked, clapping a hand to the side of her neck, feeling wetness there, but no teeth marks and surprisingly no pain. Still, Kenzi lashed out with a booted foot and nailed Dyson in the knee. “Little warning, eh compadre!?”

“Sorry, Kenz,” said Dyson with only the barest of sheepish looks on his face. He shrugged. “Easier if it’s quick.”

Trick, being the great King he was, changed the topic and glared at Mattox. “There. She’s been claimed properly not only by an ally of Bo’s but by Light Fae. Do you yield the challenge?”

Mattox stared long and hard at Dyson, paying neither Trick or Kenzi any mind, but when he answered it was loud and clear. “I yield.”

Kenzi watched Mattox push himself away from the bar, heading to the table he’d been sitting in earlier in the night with a trio of other fae drinking and paying absolutely no attention to what had been transpiring at the bar. Kenzi turned back to Dyson and Trick, releasing a slow breath and flashing her teeth. “Is that gonna happen every time Bo goes out of town?”

Dyson snorted, quirking his fingers at Trick in silent request for a drink. Trick gave him a measured look and nodded, glancing a Kenzi once before turning away. Kenzi reached out and poked Dyson in the shoulder. “Dude?”

“You’ve been claimed properly, Kenzi,” said Dyson gruffly, not meeting her eyes. “Not just a spoken claim or a blood one, but a magical claim.” He sighed. “You’re mine.”

Kenzi blinked once. Twice. And snarled. “There had better be more to that fucking sentence, dog boy.”

“I haven’t had a human claim in a very long time,” Dyson looked sideways at her. “But I think this might work out.”

Kenzi‘s eyes bugged. “Fuck off! You‘re not serious?”

Dyson opened his mouth to answer, and Kenzi had a sinking feeling that it was going to have snark involved in it, when Trick appeared back in front of them, holding the neck of the smashed bottle Kenzi had been drinking not so long ago and a very seriously unhappy-Trick face on.

“Kenzi…please tell me you didn’t drink this?”

“Not all of it….”

“Kenzi, this is-”

Kenzi clapped her hands over her ears before Trick could finish, her eyes slamming shut. “Lalalalala, I don’t want to know.”

Trick sighed and dropped the remnants of fermented nymph blood in the trashcan behind him, shaking his head. Dyson claiming Kenzi was going to be a very bad idea in the long run. Magic claims, claims belonging to individual clans, were permanent and dangerous. It’s why now in the 21st century the fae stuck to contracts and blood oaths. Easy to burn, easy to rewrite. Dyson would have a hell of a time explaining it to Bo, but she’d get over it. Eventually. Maybe.

No…Dyson was fucked.
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