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Alright, popping in to say that paperlegends is super awesome and underway!

Hello Cheese and Tina! I don't think I'll be on lj so much for a little while - I'm not really into fandom at the moment (besides Naruto and now Merlin) so it may be a little boring here.

Unfortunately I find myself in a quandary. I'm sort of working on two plots at the moment. The first, I'm sure some of you will remember me talking about, is the Will/Sophia Modern AU where Will wakes up from a coma and has lost the last three years of his life.

The second, the one that I think I might be leaning toward, is a Modern AU as well, gen/supernatural/horror and takes place in a haunted house. Characters die, ghosts are pissed, people are possessed.

They're both good fun. Leon's a snarky bitch in the second and all my Merlin RP friends know how lovely my Will is.

But yes! This is what I'm doing. All the while trying to battle ridiculous plot bunnies like Merlin being a robot and Arthur fixing him in secret because his father is against the AI project. Or how I desperately want to write a sequel to Sins of the Father which CANNOT HAPPEN BECAUSE IT CAN'T. My heart can't take the terrible things I know I'll end up doing to Leon and Mordred. (ps, he gets kidnapped by evil wizards and Gwaine saves him. Also, Mordred get's hit on a shit ton by Gwaine and inappropriately fondled by a princess. I'll also do a bit of Merlin's life while he was banished from Camelot)

...why do I do this to myself?

I can't explain the fuckery that goes on in my brain.
but it's delightful.

I'm going to have to wait like a year or something before I can watch it again and kill myself all over.

And this is my life.
School. Writing fic. Naruto.
my life.

Doesn't help that I signed up for hs_merlin.
kill me now.
Tags: journal, merlin, this is my life and these are my choices
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