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instincts 11/?

Title: Instincts 11/?
Liv darkmagic_luvr
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Max, Alec
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers through season two. AU through Designate This.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Dark Angel. Any characters you don’t recognize are original and should not be used without my permission.
Author’s Note: Written as part of my alphabet meme for jazmin22, the prompt was ‘instinct’. This couldn’t be contained in a one shot, so it’ll be multi-chaptered. First Dark Angel fic.

Oh have I still not posted this here?

Summery: There was really only one way he could keep both their asses safe, he just didn't think she'd kiss him back.
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Ordinary aside, he had a feeling Original Cindy was far more dangerous than either transgenic in the room.


The morning found Alec sitting on the couch watching television bare-chested in his camo-pants and socks. He had a bowl of cereal in his hands and the remote balancing on his knee. Something loud and colorful was playing on the tube and keeping him completely engaged when Max walked out of her room a good two hours before dawn. OC would be asleep until 7, roll out of bed and still get to Jam Pony before her.

She pushed her hair behind her ear as she made her way to the kitchen, keeping an eye on Alec. Her eyes dropped to his bare chest absentmindedly as she pulled a bowl out of the cupboard and poured herself her own cereal. She checked herself and shut her mouth a split second before Alec turned his head to look at her. He quirked his eyebrows in greeting and returned his attention to the screen. Max rolled her eyes and strolled across the living room to sit next to him, right knee bumping against his left.

They ate in silence, eyes wide against the blaring light from the television, arms brushing whenever either one shifted.

"How'd you sleep?" asked Max finally, not looking at Alec, even if she knew the answer. He'd been up before her, and he'd been anxious, which may have been why she couldn't get to sleep at all. She felt him shrug against her and scoop some soggy cereal into his mouth.

"It's weird," said Alec slowly. "Whenever I've been out of Manticore it's been because of a mission. I don't know how to sleep on the Outside."

"Better get used to it, 'cause you're not going back," said Max, the unspoken 'and that's final' hanging in the air. She opened her mouth to add 'Maybe you'd sleep better next to me.' but the words caught in her throat and she made a strangled sound instead. Where the hell had that come from? Was that the claim talking? Had to be, she didn't need anybody next to her in bed. And she was just….you know…trying to be considerate and shit. It was his first night Out. She remembered being Out out (and yeah, there may have been more running and snow and shooting and it was totally completely different than practically walking out the front door like they'd done not too long ago, but whatever she was relating.). She just didn't want him to be alone.

"I'm bored," said Alec, interrupting her thoughts. He brought the edge of his bowl to his mouth and drained the rest of the milk and bit of cereal left. Then, around a mouthful of cheap plastic, "Can we do something fun?"

Max snorted. "Like what, pre-dawn burglaring?" she'd meant it as a joke obviously, but the bright, thoughtful look on Alec's face coupled with the peculiar realization that she'd never. Actually. Gone on a dawn B&E, made the suggestion very tempting, and before she knew it she was nodding her head along with him.

"O…kay," she said slowly. "Sure. But nothing dangerous-"

"Got it, no bombs."

"-Or anything too valuable-"

"Figured museums were out anyways."

"-And we have to stay in this sector."

Alec rolled his eyes, but he was practically vibrating with energy now. Suddenly, the perfect grab came to Max. It could be like a welcome to the world present or something! She was sure he'd know how to use one… Max whacked Alec in the thigh and stood up, bouncing momentarily on the balls of her feet as she waited a split second for Alec to join her and maybe in the heat and excitement of the moment she grabbed his hand and dragged him to her bike, forcing him to help her get it downstairs.

"You're going to make me ride bitch aren't you?"

"Unless you want to walk…?"

"Ugh, sweating, so bothersome," Max had to turn her head away to make sure Alec couldn't see her smirk. "Fine, but if I grab any ass it's your own fault."

She ignored the ass comment and the shot of electricity down her spine that came with it. Instead she let her mind wander to the steady stream of words pouring from Alec's mouth as they descended the stairs of the silent building and hoped that no one she knew came out of their homes to see what the racket was. But they made it to the ground floor without any problem and in a minute and a half Max was speeding down the uncrowned streets of Seattle with Alec pressed against her back.

God it was so good to be back on her baby that she could hardly keep the smile off her face. It was cold in the early morning, the contrasting heater that was Alec pressed against her back, his arms wrapped around her middle. She could feel him humming happily through his chest, his neck twisting different ways every so often so he could catch the different sights, not that there were many. Twelve minutes and one awkward detour after spotting a hover drone later Max was slowing her baby to a stop and block and a half away from the police lot where they kept all the pretty confiscated vehicles. Alec had obviously smell the motor oil and seen the barbed wire topping the chain link fence, because he looked at her with wide, unblinking eyes.

"Maaaaax…." he started slowly, almost knowing the answer but not getting his hopes up. Smart boy when she was concerned.

She answered with a smirk and locked her bike, strolling past him toward the lot with Alec on her heels. "We're getting you a present."


Max shushed him, pursing her lips to keep from snorting and whacked him blindly. "You've got five minutes to pick one before I drag you out."

Alec was vibrating with excitement again and he stepped too close to her, leaning down to smirk in her ear, sending shocks of pleasure through her core and making the tips of her fingers go numb. "I'll be back in three."

It took him two minutes which was probably the only reason Max didn't whack him for choosing the most vibrant, nauseatingly green colored bike she'd ever seen.
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