Liv. (darkmagic_luvr) wrote,

More Than A Pick-Me-Up (CSI/CSI:NY Crossover- Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr., challange #19)

Title: Gapping Open Mouthed As You Yourself Aren’t Wearing Pants
Author: Liv 
Pairing/Characters: Sofia Curtis/Don Flack, Jr.
Fandom: CSI/CSI:NY Crossover
30_forbiddenPrompt: 19. Watch
Words: 510
Disclaimer: I don’t own CSI or CSI:NY. Don and Sofia will come back unscathed and only a tiny bit frightened. Greg was not harmed in the making of this fiction. XD
Summary: He might just become the rebound she’s looking for.


Don was intrigued. She wasn’t like any woman he’d met before, and defiantly not the kind of girl he’d pick up at a bar or club.

He was content with watching her as she processed the victims clothing. He was leaning against the door frame, just watching her. He tilted his head to the side, watching as she did something to whatever it was that she pulled of the clothing.

"Did you want something?" asked Sofia, not looking up from her work. Don chuckled to him self and walked into the room and stood next to her.

"Not really, just watching you."

Sofia looked up at him, her face wearing a serious expression. "Why?"

Don frowned at the question. Her voice had been almost harsh, and her eyes were a smokier blue then he had thought they were. Sofia’s hair was falling out of its ponytail, and her cheeks were flushed by how close Don was.

"You’re interesting," he said quietly. Sofia took a deep breath and cleared her throat, turning back to her work. Don looked down, nodding his head for a reason he couldn’t figure out.

Don saw Sofia’s hair finally slip out of its pony tail holder and drop with a soft thump onto the ground. Sofia either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Whichever one it was, her hair, nevertheless, fell into a veil across her face, hiding it from Don’s view.

"Sofia," she glanced at him through her hair for a moment, Don watched it shimmer in the lights of the lab, before reaching up and tucking her hair behind her ear. Don saw her breath hitch in her throat and took advantage of that.

"Is there a problem with me finding you interesting," he muttered.

"Hey guys, I – oh, you’re busy. I should go," Sofia looked behind her and saw Adam hovering in the doorway.

"It’s fine," said Sofia taking a step back from Don and looking at Adam. "Did you find anything?"

"Nothing, no match in CODIS," Don groaned, Sofia sighed.

"You did good Adam," said Sofia picking up trace she found and handing it to him. "You think you could take care of this for me? See if it matches the hair from the tree?"

"Anything you want," said Adam taking the evidence from Sofia. She grinned at him as he left and turned back to Don, her face once again emotionless.

"I think Ross has a crush on you," said Don, lightening the mood. Sofia grinned and shook her head. "I’m serious, the way he was looking at you-."

"Like the way you were looking at me?" Don froze; Sofia pursed her lips in a silent apology and opened her mouth to speak again. "I’m sorry. Really, I just…I’m sorry."

Don nodded, searching her face for anything that could give her away. He could read people quickly and was a quick judge of character. Sofia didn’t stump him, she was strong, liked getting things done efficiently, and she wasn’t what he would call ‘his type’. But that wouldn’t keep him from trying.


Tags: com | 30_forbiden, crossover, csi/csi:ny, danny messer, don flack/sofia curtis, more than a pick-me-up
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