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I AM ALIVE! I just really haven't had anything to keep me on livejournal for the past few months. Also, my obsession with Naruto has climaxed and I'm starting to come back to Bleach. And I realized I hadn't posted my paperlegends bigbang to yet and that spiraled into wondering when the next sign-ups were and I just checked and now I'm signed up for this years as well with - you guessed it - Will/Sophia modern AU and it's going to be so magical and so much fun and I can't wait to bother you all about it.

No but seriously. Naruto. Soooo much Naruto. And now Bleach of course. And hopefully Merlin wont let me down.

But yeah. Still alive.

Died my hair black/blue, have bangs, growing it out, Kipp's off at Bootcamp for another month, saw Emilie Autumn last week, seriously considering getting another piercing, and finally...something. probably.

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Oh yeah, well....yeah.

I knoooow, I'm a terrible person. But I'm writing fanfiction!
But it's Naruto fanfiction.
But I've finished other fic!
But I probably wont post it for a while because I'm lazy.

In my defense, I have been so. busy.
sort of.

Mostly watching Naruto and Grey's Anatomy and Fringe and in the last few days writing fanfiction.
Updated Instincts at, finished a Kenzi/Dyson fic...that's it prettah much.

Got another speeding ticket which really bums me the fuck out. I've really had a crappy six months that I don't want to talk about because I just want to forget it all. I feel like dying my hair and getting something else pierced to make me feel better.

So I work at World Market as I may have mentioned, and there's a girl there who I'm friends with and WE ARE TV SOULMATES. If we'd met over the internet we would stalk each other, ONLY IT'S REAL LIFE AND SHE'S JUST AS SANE AS I AM!
It's a wonderful feeling talking about shows with someone who's open about watching new things and wont critiz what I real life.
Seriously it's like being on the internet when I'm with her. She watches Sherlock, Primeval, Gery's Anatomy, Fringe, Suits, she's a Joss Whedon fan, she wants to start watching GoT, watches Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, Merlin (but not anymore because she thinks the writers are stupid just like I do and she doens't think Gwen and Arthur have chemistry but she does think Arthur and Morgana and Merlin and Morgana do) and she watches How I Met Your Mother and we're going to watch the new episode of Sherlock on sunday when it comes on and seriously guys. Soul Mate.

...Would anybody actually be interested in reading Naruto fic if I posted it here? I'm planning on posting it to, but if people are interested I'll post here too.

So...What's going on guys? I have not been on lj for the past month, so tell me pretty things that I should know :D
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I know, I know. It's been awhile, and I'm am still alive. I've just been very busy. I have a new job at World Market and when I'm not there I'm at school which is annoying atm because I'm just auditing this class, and half the time I feel like I should be working for a grade and the other half I just don't want to even bother. blarg.

Got a new tattoo on monday after Shelby and I decided to got to Flag to see snow. We left at like midnight and brought Kipp along. Played in the snow for a bit in the dark then crashed at Shelby's ex-not-boyfriend's house. And by crash I mean stay up until 6 in the morning and sleep until 7:30

But...shark tattoo. :3 happiness.

I'll be back, I promise, it's just tumblr and Grey's Anatomy have been taking up my time. But I'll be back.

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I had a dream last night that I was in an epic paint ball war.
James McAvoy was there and we made out.
Also there was Arthur Darvill.
And old people.
And possibly aliens.
And I think it was in sepia.
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merlin: the runes on your skin

Title: the runes on your skin
Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and other associated parties. I do not make any profit from this story and the plot is purely fiction.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: confusion
Pairings/Characters: Merlin/Arthur hints of Nimueh/Ygraine and Arthur/Morgana
Word Count: 2393
Summary: Merlin is, for once, not sure why something is happening.

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Few things. First and most amusing, I have been invited to landofart, and I know a few people on my flist who are part of the comm, so I am considering joining.

Second. Warehouse 13 finale. I won't say anything about it except that I'm waiting until next year to cry. Also, I totally knew that thing about Jinks that he was doing but couldn't tell Claudia about.

Third, Frank Turner concert on Monday. I'm excited, it's gonna be awesome.

And lastly, I was let go of one of my jobs because they had a girl who was friends of the family who wanted a job. Now, I get that they wanted to accomidate for her, but let me make myself very clear: I switched my school schedual around for this resturant. I am paying more money for an education that would have been finished next month instead of next yesr for this resturant. I learned a new menu, hours, made friends and commitments to this resturant and I don't even get two weeks notice that I'm being let go? Whatever. I don't need it.

I'm good.

Caught up with some shows, like Doctor Who, and How I Met Your Mother. Need to start watching the Fades, because Joe Dempsie was in the last episode and I need to stalk him. My brain hasn't been working all week, otherwise I would list more things that I need to do. Seriously, I feel like just sleeping all weekend. I went to bed at 7:30 last night. Crazyness.
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Added three more countries to the 'Where's Olivia From?' game I play in my head bringing the total to 7 with the following:


and wrapping them all together was last weeks awesome phrase: "You look European as hell."
*I get Russian a lot.

I usually end the conversation with an awkward "My parents are from Kansas..."

For my new friends who don't know what I look/sound like have an accent meme!

I'm not really that greenish yellow in real life. except I am that pale. and my hair's a little longer.
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you're all I've ever wanted dear | I could utter every word you ever hoped to hear

Posting again to make note of a few things. First, changed my header to 11/Claudia, used the same graphic featured on my tumblr.

Also, updated my profile - got rid of the banners for all the land comms I'm not in, replaced it with a Claudia/Professor X graphic, updated fandoms, added a gif.

Planning on posting the fic/graphics I have on my tumblr just in case you want to see them but have no time for tumblr.

Also, planning on starting a Celebrity Dodgeball (as so dubbed by word_never_said), so look out for that.

Haven't seen any of the new shows coming back, but decided Glee is out. Not sure what I'll be watching any time soon, but my life right now is so busy and my head space is not right for television at the moment.

I don't know. I really just don't. I'm having a hard time dealing with life in my head right now....which I think I already said. I just want to write fic and make graphics and watch Becoming Jane until I die.

All I Ever Wanted by Airborne Toxic Event has been playing on repeat for the entire week. It keeps me feeling things and it's the perfect song for my ships right now.

I'm going to think of something to do while I'm on the computer for a few more hours. later.
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